Already A Bride

King James Bible  Proverbs 18:22
Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

The scripture says findeth a “wife”, it did not say, he that findeth the woman who will become his wife, she is already a wife.   Wow….so what does this mean? This means that if you desire to be married and are faithfully praying for a husband then you should already be a wife.   Now, this does not mean that you go down  to the local Wal-Mart and find yourself a pretty little lacey thing to put on for your boo.  I most certainly do not mean that!  Sex is certainly a wonderful and sacred part of marriage but what you have to remember is that after the honeymoon, after you kiss each other good morning and start out on a new day, there are bills to pay, cars to maintain, schedules to coincide, there are considerations for each other that may be an inconvenience to you, yep,  you just may have to sacrifice!   Okay, it is great to be able to throw down in the bedroom and have him crave you like an afternoon snack, but you have to be wife MINDED too!!!

Every marriage is like a fingerprint.  It is different and unique in it’s own way.  Sometimes in a marriage the roles are reversed and some marriages are still very traditional.  There is nothing wrong with either as long as you and your spouse both agree. 

So what is already being a bride about?  For example, a nursing student goes through four years of nursing school, but they are not technically considered a practicing nurse until they have taken their Boards and passed all sorts of tests and certifications.  The college would not stick a student in a hospital room to care for a patient with out having prepared then to do so.  Same goes for you, the unmarried wife, God is allowing you this time of singleness to prepare.  Don’t use this time to sulk about being single or to make poor decisions in dating that will affect you down the line.  Now is the time to gather or fine tune your skill sets, and to become the best possible version of you before walking down that aisle.

We are going to dive into this some more, but here are some questions that you need to ask yourself for now:

-Physically – What are you doing physically to be ready for your husband?  Are you comfortable with your body?

-What is your skill set outside of the bedroom? Okay great… you can drop it down and bring it back up , but like I said earlier unfortunately the hours spent in the bedroom are limited and then you still have to sneak in some time to sleep.

-Can you prepare a decent home cooked meal?  Manage the bills?

-Can you sew a button on or tie a tie?

-Do you know how to clean a home?  I am not talking about throwing stuff in a back room.  I am talking about cleaning and organizing so that the two of you can live comfortably and find things.

-Do you know how to maintain a home?  Cut grass, manage repairs, etc.  I am not saying that you have to but if you had to at any point… could you? If your husband became ill or hurt, could you fill in the gaps until he recovered?

-Spiritually speaking, are praying for your husband now, even before you come together?  Are you praying that he is allowing God to keep him and prepare him for you?  Could you pray him through and be a support to him in the rough times?

-Are you prepared to be an emotional support to your husband?

-Do you have hobbies?  Do you participate in groups or activities that will enrich you outside of spending time with your spouse?

The list could go on and on.  In the weeks ahead we will tackle some of these keys areas with more blogs and even guest speakers, so that we all might have a better understanding of how to effectively become an unmarried wife.

Shhhh…. I hear wedding bells in the distance, but now is the time to prepare.