Below is a description of the categories that are part of this project. The categories are listed at the bottom of this page. If you are just interested in one topic, click on that topic and all related blogs and videos will populate.

CATEGORY – THE FOUNDATION STARTS WITH YOU:  The foundation of a relationship does not start when two people meet, the relationship starts with you as a single person.

  • Becoming Single: Explore the process of becoming a whole single person and enjoying singleness.
  • The foundation also includes any healing that needs to place within you from past relationships or traumas.
  • Another important part of your foundation as a single person is becoming the best possible version of yourself, physically, and spiritually. financially, socially, etc.
  • After you have done the work to become a healthy, single whole person, decide what you what. Do you want to be married? Do you just want companionship? Do you want children? What are your non-negotiables? What are you looking for in a spouse or companion?

CATEGORY – BEFORE WE SAY HELLO – THE MINDFUL PURSUIT: This category explores the world of dating, courting and relationships in general.

  • This will talk about questions that you need to ask yourself and also the person that you are spending time with.
  • This is all about getting to know each other and understanding how or if the two of you will fit into the lives of each other. It is in this phase that you will understand how the foundation that you built for yourself will “puzzle” into the foundation of the other person (hopefully they have done their work with foundation building) to build a life together that both of you will want to nurture and find comfort and peace in.

CATEGORY – MAKE LOVE STAY: Activities for couples, games, recipes and discussions on how couples can continue to grow and bond together through the years.