I was asked to share a list of what some non-negotiables might be. This is just a list and not what you should consider to be the template for your non-negotiables.

  1. Spiritual beliefs/how does on practice their faith
  2. Weight/ fitness goals/ height factors
  3. Financial practices: believe in saving? investing? spending too much?
  4. Retirement goals
  5. Does this person drink or smoke? Does this person drink in excess?
  6. Where does this want to live? Where are they opposed to living?
  7. What is their work ethic?
  8. What is their career goals?
  9. What is their education level? Does this impact how you feel?
  10. What is their sexual orientation?
  11. What are their thoughts on pre-marital sex?
  12. How do they honestly describe their sex drive?
  13. What are their thoughts on having close friends of the opposite sex?
  14. What are their political views? What political party do they identify with?
  15. What are their views on mask wearing? Vaccination views or status?
  16. How would they keep you safe or your family safe in your home during a pandemic?
  17. Physical appearance, overall
  18. Income
  19. Do they want to have children, they answer can only be yes or no.